Mock exams are held under formal examination settings in an exam hall, with invigilators present, so that students get to have a true exam experience – which we have found has played a great part in students’ success as it increases their confidence and helps ease nerves for their real exams.

It also highlights the areas which they are performing well in, which acts as a motivation boost whilst also highlighting which areas need further development on, which we will aid the students with, so that for the real exam, they are 100% prepared to achieve those grades with flying colours!

Furthermore, a fundamental advantage which Tutor Zone provides is providing feedback sessions once the mock papers are marked and graded so that the student can understand their result, it’s a great opportunity to ask any questions where they did not understand how to attempt the questions or did not understand where they went wrong.

Feedback sessions are also held with parents, to help them understand how their child is progressing and what topics they need to focus more on for their revision.

Students are made to feel well supported and with constant encouragement and motivation from us, we are more than certain that students will thrive in success!