Updated 17/6/20


AS Physics A2 Physics AS Chem A2 Chem
1 Units and Vectors SHC and Latent Heat 1 Atoms, Moles and Empirical Formula Rate Order and Equations
2 suvat Ideal Gases 2 PV=nRT, PY, AE, Mechanisms and Arrhenius
3 Projectiles Circular Motion 3 WofC & Electron Structure,  Kc and Kp
4 Forces SHM 1 4 Ionic Bonding and Covalent Bonding,Dative Covalent and Metallic Bonding Kp Calculation, Strong Acid and Strong Bases
5 Terminal Velocity SHM 2 5 Shapes of Molecules Weak Acid Calculations & Buffers
6 Energy Gravitational Fields 6  Shapes of Molecules & Intermolecular Forces Buffer Calculations & Titration Curves
7 Moments Electric Field 7 Ionisation Energy Born-Haber Cycles
8 Hookes Law and Young Modulus Capacitors & Magnetic Fields 8 Ionisation Energy & Periodicity Enthalpy of Solution
9 Momentum Magnetic Fields and Force on a Current Carrying Wire 9 Oxidation States Entropy
10 Electricity Force on a Moving Charge 10 Group 2 and 7 and Tests for ions Redox and Electrode Potentials
11 Resistivity and Power Electromagnetism 11 Energetics Electrode Potential
12 Circuits and Internal Resistance Transformers 12 E=mcT and Hess Law Benzene
13 Potential Divider The Nuclear Atom 13 Rates of Reaction Benzene & Phenols
14 Waves and Reflection Fundamental Particels 14 Equilibrium Carbonyl Compounds
15 Refraction Radioactivity 15 Organic Intro and Alkanes Carboxylics Acids
16 Superposition Fission and Fusion 16 Alkane Reactions and Alkenes Acyl Chlorides, Amines and Amino Acids
17 Polarisation and Diffraction Gratings Astrophysics 17 Alkenes and Steroisomers Amino Acids and Optical Isomers
18 Stationary Waves Cosmology 18 Alcohols & Haloalkanes Nitriles and Condensation Polymer
19 Photoelectric Effect Medical Physics 19 Mass and Infrared Spectroscopy Chromatography and NMR
20 20 H-NMR
21 21 Transition Metals